It Follows is not your typical horror film for your typical horror audience. It Follows does not rely on jump scares or false scares to get a cheap adrenaline rush out of you. It’s not a perfect film by any means but it is such a refreshing take on horror, from the constant jump scare filled movies that litter the theaters today and make way more money than they should. This film builds suspense. This is what horror is about. Dread. Much like the babadook– which I will cover at a later date– this film makes you dread every single scene with the creature and with each gallon of suspense they figuratively throw at your face at the end of every scene.

It’s kind of funny in some ways since It Follows, follows standard horror cliches in some ways, yet it doesn’t feel cliche that it follows them. Shots of the movie and how scenes are filmed are familiar and different at the same time.There is a particular scene with Jay in her pool in the backyard that shows her staring at the sky, then cutting to the sky that was very well done.It set almost a calm before the storm feel to it.  With how the movie ends in typical horror fashion, it left me thinking, which now a day is a rarity from the horror genre. I saw this movie at release and recently re-watched and both times, I found myself thinking about the film as a statement rather than just some monster killing some youth who have no idea what they are doing with their lives.

Speaking of kids not knowing what to do with their lives and a murderous monster! This movie seems to reflect a generation. The children of the 90′s are almost grown up now. The first generation to grow up with the internet. The entire movie this group of friends seem lost, wandering, going to school because they are told and with not much thought. It sort of resonates that we see a lot of that in modern youth, drinking, partying, and just wandering until they find some answer for what they are looking for as if magically. There is an inept sexual tension in the film as well. Reflecting how a lot of youth are today. A lot of people compare the monster to AIDS or an STD with how it is transferred and some other aspects about it. I can see the connection but still I see this movie more as a coming of age film in the face of an inevitable tragedy or something on the line.

The acting in this movie was nothing to cry home about but it gave enough believability to suck you in and with the fear of the monster; constantly trying to spot it and wondering when it will show up again and as who, it had me fully entranced both times.

Finally the last note I really want to talk about in this film is the soundtrack. The soundtrack is phenomenal. The sound design is beautiful. The soundtrack compliments every scene and is arguably the best part about the film. I’m not going to go too much more into detail because I don’t want to ruin it, but the soundtrack will get your heart pumping.



Great film, A must watch for any fan of classic horror and a different take on being scared. Original concept despite its cliches. Decent Acting, Suberb Score, and Fantastic suspense building.


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