Concept: A prominent businessman’s life is shown and we observe his daily routine. The movie acts more as a dark comedy on life in the late 80′s that tries to show some truths though the black humor.

Acting: This in my opinion is Christian Bale’s best performance. Almost every line he says and acts out is quotable. You really believe this guy could be real. And during the time period it’s taking place in, it seems easier to get away with the things he is participating in.

Cinematography:The shots and angles in this movie are very meticulous and precise. Every scene seems to have a purpose. There is also a particular shot at the very end, that i still view to this day as one of the best shots in movie history. Patrick Bateman is just staring into the camera and the way its shown, just really emphasizes that he’s merely some kind of vessel for chaos.

Direction:The Directing of this film is pretty solid.  There is a lot of implication to the film. You’re not quite sure if he really committed certain crimes but you think Christian Bale’s character Patrick Bateman might have done something. It gives this feeling of uncertainty and questioning that is lacking in modern films.

Score:The soundtrack is very contrast to a lot of what is going on in the movie. A lot of the violence early on is implied and as the movie progresses and we see more violence, the music gets more dark and violent. It’s a nice touch in all honesty. The classical pieces really suggest this elegance to Patrick bateman’s madness.

Opinion: I think this is a highly underrated film on a character study of a psychopath. It’s one of my favorite movies simply because it’s an experience. Christian Bale has never been better, and the movie provides a lot of commentary on the absurdly rich. Just a great movie all around.

Watch-ability: Moderately high. The movie isn’t for everyone but usually i find people love it or hate it. And if you love it, usually you can watch this movie over and over again. Then you try to show it to friends and see if you can get them on the Patrick Bateman train.

Overall Grade: A

Must own for film buffs. Recommended buy for everyone else.


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