as above

So this film is another found footage flick. *groans* I will say though out of the found footage movies I have seen this one has impressed me the most. Well since the Blair witch project anyway.

The cast isn’t really too noteworthy. I mean they all do a fine job but none of them impressed me. All the characters were generic and followed you’re typical horror cliche’s. The movie had it’s jump scares and explanation of why it’s found footage. Which some of these types of films don’t even establish anymore, so it was nice to see that.

The majority of this film takes place in the catacombs underneath paris. To be honest that is the only reason I gave this film a chance. That sounds like such a cool premise to me. Something about stockpiling remains like that just seems… wrong to me. So it seemed like it would be a good time for that reason alone.

Things go as you would expect, protagonist on a quest to achieve something and won’t let anything, no matter how high the mortality rate, stop them from achieving it.

Eventually we get to the end of the film, and I won’t spoil it for the few of you who probably haven’t seen this (This was a huge film at the box office and I’m super late on this one, but I kind of just review what I want when I want anyway. I’m not specifically trying to keep up with theater’s.) But the end actually isn’t the standard cliche we see in horror flicks now. In fact it was kind of clever. Where As Above so Below just kept me entertained enough to not make me shut the movie off during my viewing, the ending actually physically impressed me. More found footage movies, I wont say all horror movies, but found footage at least, need to take a note of how As above so below gave a conclusion to their film.

Bottom line


good for a found footage film. Although that’s not saying much. Decent cheap rental. I feel like this had so much more potential though. Like if there would have been deeper characters and narrative I would have enjoyed this SOOOOOO much more. I wish Hollywood would of ditched found footage years ago. This film could have been like a horror movie mixed with Indiana Jones. But instead of reaching out and trying to be a treasure like it wants to be it falls in the category of “I’ll buy it if I see it for five dollars somewhere.”


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