BIRDMANConcept: This movie is about everything. This movie is about everything in life that matters. This movie stars, Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, and Emma Stone. The basic plot is about a man putting on a play, but this movie is about everything. It’s quite hard to describe. The movie is made to look like it’s one continuous shot. Which is very aggressive and I have to say they have pulled it off in this movie.

Acting: The acting is superb in this movie. Edward Norton is the best he’s been in years. This was Emma Stone’s best role so far. And Michael Keaton just destroyed it. This in my opinion was the best performance of his career. I really can’t praise the entire cast enough.

Cinematography: The way this movie was shot, is very nontraditional. That said, this film just is beautiful. There is a shot where you see Michael Keaton try to not cry when he’s talking to his ex wife and you see a couple tears roll down his face and in the mirror you see how his wife’s expression changes. It was just so well done. This movie is an experience.

Direction: I DO NOT HAVE ONE SINGLE PROBLEM WITH THIS FILM. I don’t even know why I should continue reviewing this. This is a flawless movie. The direction of this film was perfect. There truly isn’t anything else I can say.

Score:Almost the entire soundtrack except the last scene is all drums. This may sound risky, but yet again, it pays off. This movie just I can’t even. It adds to the film and grips you by the throat and makes you pay attention. It really is incredible.

Opinion:I love this movie. This movie is perfect. This movie made me remember why I loved movies. This movie made me think after the film. It left the end open for interpretation. I saw some of my life in these scenes. I saw the happiness, pain, anger, and every other emotion in this film and how it made me reflect on my own. Go Buy This.

Watch-ability: Very High. I really can’t say more here.

Overall Grade: A+ and some extra credit.

Must Own. Would buy it again if it was stolen.

Support films like these.


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