blade runnerConcept: A burn out blade-runner, a man who hunts down androids known as replicants, is convinced to do one last job to hunt down some rouge replicants that seem to be high on the priority list.

Acting: Harrison Ford plays Deckard who is a burnt out blade runner that is assigned the job. Ford plays his usual action hero role here. He does a fine job as it and even manages to make us feel that Deckard is a deeper character than he appears.

Sean Young does a good job as Rachael. She is a replicant that believes she is human. At times however she can seem kind of stale and inhuman. But I guess that is the point. She is a replicant after all.

Overall the acting is done very well in this film. I think Rutger Hauer was my favorite performance though. As the main villain Roy, This replicant is just menacing. One of my all time favorite villain’s for sure.

Cinematography: This is hands down the best part of the film.

The shots and lighting in this film are what modern films look at today and ask themselves, “Can we achieve what blade runner did?”

These wide shots of L.A. are just awe inspiring. I truly can not tell you enough how visually pleasing this film is.

Direction: Ridley Scott is the director of this film. And honestly as A director he is very hit or miss for me. I love Alien, Gladiator, and even  really liked Prometheus. Yes I said that. Yes you read that right.

Ridley just knows what he is doing here however. Every single scene in this movie matters. This movie just has so many layers to it about mortality and identity. Ridley really emphasizes this in every single scene. The visuals he presents and how he shoots the action sequences are just astounding.

Score: THE SOUNDTRACK IN THIS FILM IS PHENOMENAL. I really am not going to go into more detail than that. The music adds to every single scene and the atmosphere. Period. All movies should take note.

Opinion: Personally, I love this film. There is a sequel coming out for this at some point, which I’m nervous for. I view this as a standalone film that has a lot of commentary of identity and mortality and what it means to be human. It has flaws, such as the beginning pacing, but the visuals and the soundtrack and neo noir esque vibe to it just make it a masterpiece in my opinion. Harrision Ford is just iconic, and the future presented here is almost believable. A lot of people hate on not being emotionally hit with this movie, except for the final scene with Rutger Hauer’s speech, but to me this movie still makes me think every-time I watch it. I always find something new in it. I love showing people this film. I love talking about how good sci-fi should always be compared to this benchmark. I may sound biased but this is film is that addicting if you like science fiction.

Watch-ability: High. I could study this film and many film students do just that in fact.

Overall Grade: A

Must Own.

*This was a review of the final cut which was completely under ridley scott’s creative direction, and I believe this is the film that should be viewed, analyzed and studied.


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