Sometimes when late at night when I get off work and I’m driving home while all the city lights are on my jeep as a drive home I get this weird feeling that I’m in a scene of my own movie. A song kicks on and adds to the effect and whether I’m lost in thought or just enjoying the drive home, Ryan Gosling reminds me of that feeling this whole movie.

Drive kind of perplex’s me with how it was marketed. As this action movie that is some kind of fast and furious knock off. Drive however is so much more than that. I think this movie is more of a character study, and what it means to be a hero. I think the driving is just secondary to whats really going on here.

Ryan Gosling’s character (the Driver) is very soft spoken quiet and “let my actions speak louder than my words” kind of guy. He’s a very interesting character because you can know how he feels throughout this whole film without Driver having to say a word.

The plot may seem slow to some who are not film buffs or are only in it for the action. However without spoiling anything the plot is nothing to cry home about. What makes this so special is the characters and how this movie is presented and even the score. Everything you see in this film has some sort of meaning.

I’m beating a dead horse here but the soundtrack to this film is phenomenal. I really got into the movie even more and had some deep thought because of the score.

The direction was done really well too. Like I said you get the feeling every shot counts here. Nicolas Winding Refn has a bright future if he’s as meticulous in this film, in future films.

Bottom line: A+

A must own.

This is a must own and a must see. My only dock is that the plot is not the most original. But everything else has deep meaning to it and the whole movie is done very well. If you like film, watch this movie, analyze this movie, It’s just a great film it truly is.


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