So I have loved movies for a very long time. I’ve grown in a family that has treated watching movies almost like a ritual. And I’m truly thankful for that. Some films I have analyzed over and over. Some of the films I’ve seen have made me look differently on life and have changed my life completely as cheesy as that may sound.  Gone Girl is one of those films.

Let me start off by saying this was a very, very, very difficult movie for me to watch. I had to pause and resume later several times. Not because it was bad, not because of Ben Affleck or Rosamund Pike,. not because of David Fincher, but because I truly despised how the media portrayed the events in this film and how manipulative and evil Amy Dunn came off as. Nick Dunn(Ben Affleck) was not a perfect husband but you really connected with this guy and truly felt like, damn, this guy does not deserve this.

This movie is not easy to watch and I think will appeal more to the film buff crowd. David Fincher is known for these iconic and analytical pieces on society and he does that here in gone girl.

Truly, although gone girl is based off of the novel of the same name, the movie feels more about the media than the story of Nick and Amy, although that is really prevalent as well. The media in this film… god I could just talk for hours about how it reminds me of how the media portrays today’s events. I’m writing my review as I finally finish this film. And honestly I’m just kind of speechless.

The score was good. I never really payed too much attention to it but I felt that it added to the experience of the film. The shots in the film – at times –  were beautiful as well. You could really see the despair and anger in Afflecks eyes.

My only real complaint is for me it felt like this film was a very slow burn. Normally I can enjoy movies like this. Nightcrawler comes to mind in that aspect ( go buy that movie right now by the way), but it was just very difficult starting this movie. Once you start piecing things together your reaction might be like mine and just be disgusted by the thought that a character could do something like this.

Bottom Line


Recommenced buy.

I fell like the pacing could be better and this movie is not for everyone. But if you can power through the start, David Fincher has created something here that will leave any film buff, movie buff, or just someone interested in how the media REALLY works; truly speechless. I cant see I’ll watch this movie again. But I can say I am going to be thinking about this film for a very, very, very long time.


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