So Maggie. This movie came as kind of a surprise to me.  I heard about it from a movie critic name Chris Stuckman. He doesn’t have a review of this and a lot of respected critics have totally ignored this film. I kind of think that is a mistake. Maggie is not a perfect film by any means, but it has a take on the whole zombie apocalypse that is SO refreshing.

The two performances here that are worth note are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigal Bresun. Both actors do a phenomenal job. Surprisingly Arnold pulls of this serious role very well. Talking or not. There are particular scenes where my heart just dropped for the guy. Honestly he was so good in this film I think if anyone else would have done his role I don’t think it would of been so melancholic. The choice his character is faced with here is really shown from the subtle tears that show while he’s gripping his gun like he’s the terminator again.

His daughter played by Abigail Breslin is of note too. I could feel the dread from her as well as her fear and sadness. Think they struck gold with that cast too.

However. The rest of this cast in my opinion was ok at best. Joely Richardson, while doing a fine job didn’t nearly impress me as much as Arny and Abigal. She was just kind of there.

Also the Narrative feels… jumbled? at times. It’s hard to explain. The direction could use some work.  Like its trying to do too much at once. It could learn from the babadook instead of trying to have a romance subplot, by having more focus on Maggie. If you watch it, I wont spoil it here, the little romance sequence felt unnecessary to me. Like it showed how big this problem is but the scenes that really gripped me were with Wade (Arny) and Maggie (Abigail). The Babadook was so good because it had focus on what mattered. The mother and the son. Here Maggie falls short because of it lacking that focus.


Overall though this is a decent flick. Its a story worth watching, By the end of it you’re going to feel sad, lets be clear here, this is a modern day tragedy. The story is a very interesting concept and draws some moral questions like, what would you do in Wades position? I highly recommend giving it a rent or buying it on bluray on sale. Arnold can pull off a serious role. And I hope I see one more film with him trying the serious role out.


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