night crawlerPreface: This movie blew me away. Go watch it right now. Go buy it right now. It’s on sale at best buy for 9 dollars on bluray. I’m not joking. Support films like these. There is a lot of trash in theater’s now (cough fantastic four cough) and we could use more original films with memorable characters like these. With that said lets begin.

Nightcrawler tells the story of Louis, a anti social man who seems down on his luck trying to find a job. He seems very ritualistic with his routine and watering his plants. So much so that I have to compare Nightcrawler to American Psycho (which is another film you need to see if you haven’t).He almost is a poor man’s Patrick Bateman. He’s struggling to survive  yet he has a professionalism about him. Through his struggle he finds opportunity in a fad going around town that helps local news channel’s get high viewership. On paper this sounds kind of deterring for a movie but I promise you it gets much more interesting.

Jake Gyllenhal destroyed every single movie he’s performed in lately, ( in a good way), and this is no exception. Quite frankly I didn’t see this as Jake. I saw Louis the character the whole time. This is the bar that should be set for any actor or actress anywhere when they perform a role. As an actor he is just so versatile. I truly hope we see more performances HALF as good as this from him in the future.

The score in the movie really added to the experience for me as well. It had these great build ups and this sense of irony to it. Dark things in the movie were occurring, as Louis isn’t exactly a role model, but you hear these uplifting tones and melody’s. Like this movie wants you to root for the bad guy.

It’s a really interesting take on the media, showing how far people will go to get a story and more importantly what draws us as people into watching the news. Viewership goes up when more violence is present. It’s like a car crash. We want to look away but we never do. This fascination with violence is explored deeply in the film and manipulation is showcased here as well. I think a lot of people will miss the bigger commentary from this film which is sad because it deserves thought.

Bottom line: A+

A must own.

buy this. I cant really say anymore. Its a great story, has great acting and leaves a lasting impact. I’ll be thinking about this film for days.

I will be picking up my copy on friday. I had to rent this the first time around but I should of just bought the thing. Absolutely stunning film.


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