Concept: It’s very hard to describe the plot of this film. I’m just going to say this is a revenge tale. It’s much deeper than that but if I delve into it I think it would spoil too much. There is a deeper plot but you are going to have to DIG for it. There is no real clear character’s here it seems like they are all metaphor’s for something.

Acting: So the acting was very subjective on how good or not it was. I personally think every actor did fine. There is very little talking. So it makes it harder for me to grade the acting with so little talking. But I did believe all the “characters” actions were genuine in regard to what they thought was right.

Cinematography:This is without a doubt the best part about this film. Every shot of this movie is perfect. Like Stanley Kubrick level perfect. It’s just, well I wish there was a more cohesive narrative and dialogue to help support it. It really pains me to dock such a beautifully shot movie.

Direction: Again. My problem here is with the narrative and how  Nicolas Winding Refn structures it. Considering he wrote the film I feel like this turned out better in his head. It’s a shame really. Drive was such a powerful movie, that I was so hyped to see this.

Score:The soundtrack again is phenomenal. It’s different than drive but still heavily electronic in nature and really adds to the movie.

Opinion: SO, after my brief little rant on this movie, I did enjoy it although it strained me on following the narrative. It’s trying so hard to be an art house type film. It’s shot beautifully and the soundtrack is incredible too. Ryan Gosling continues to be Ryan Gosling and rise on my actors to watch list. I just wish that this film was more cohesive and tried to be less about being some giant vision that Stanley Kubrick would write and be a film that is clearer about it’s purpose. In my opinion this movie is a missed opportunity that had more potential.

Watch-ability: High: if you are into “art” films. Because there is some deeper meaning to it about god and forgiveness. I feel like this movie may be appreciated more later in life.

Low: if you are the general theater audience. This entire movie is a metaphor for something. If you go in with the mind set of an average movie goer you will have a bad time. This movie has many flaws and is not for someone who doesn’t like to analyze film.

Overall Grade: C-

I will purchase just because of Gosling, and I know this director has potential. I just don’t know if we will see him hit the level of drive again.


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