Concept: A laid back dude allows us to see what happens in his life over a short period of time. This is kind of a hard movie to explain. I’ll say there is like an idea of a plot but the plot isn’t really important here. The characters are what holds this film together.

Acting: Like I said the characters hold this film together. Every single actor knocks it out of the park here. I loved John Goodman and Jeff Bridges performances the most though. I could quote this movie for days. I can see why this is a cult classic and why there is even a yearly festival for this film. All of the characters are just so interesting. I cant praise the cast enough. Hell even Tara Reid does a good job here, mostly because she doesn’t talk much and is hardly seen.

Cinematography:The cinematography in this movie is extremely well done. I feel like whenever you deal with a comedy this isn’t as important. But every shot is just so well done, that I feel like if this film was shot in any other way it wouldn’t have been nearly as awesome. There is this shot of the dude later on in a dream sequence that is just iconic.

Direction: The Cohen brothers received a lot of praise for Fargo. It really shows why they got all that praise in this movie. I feel like they knew what they wanted to do with this film which is more than I can say for a lot of modern directors.

Score:The soundtrack here is phenomenal. It’s crazy because all the music makes it almost feel like a western. It can be a little all over the place at times but that’s another thing that makes it so great.

Opinion:I love this movie. It’s got some great dialogue in it, great characters, and great acting. It’s funny in it’s own way and I can say this is in my top 5 comedy’s.

Watch-ability:Very high.

Overall Grade: A+

Must Own


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