THE THING (1982)

The Thing

ALRIGHT TIME TO TALK ABOUT MY FAVORITE HORROR FILM. The only other two that come close to this are Alien and The Evil Dead. With that said you can assume I’m going to give this a awesome rating. But if you want to hear more of my opinion feel free to read on!

So The Thing is about a research team in Antarctica that find a life-form that can intimate other life forms perfectly. Sounds like a good time right?

Wrong. This thing will eat you in the most disgusting way possible.

The reason this movie is such a cult hit isn’t for jump scares, or crazy cgi scares, like even the practical effects have seen better days(although in all honesty, I still love them), but this film succeeds because of it’s atmosphere and the paranoia that ensues.

No one has any idea who or what this thing is and you’re constantly wondering who is the thing. The whole movie you’re just trying to figure it out.

The acting in this movie is great as well, Kurt Russel does the performance of his career here. John Carpenter’s direction really is what knocked this home though. Some of the shots he has here build up the perfect amount of tension before something happens.

I really love the soundtrack to this film too. It’s got these subtle little sounds that just add to the whole creepy factor.

Bottom Line


A must own.

I could keep talking about this film. And I want to but it’s just better if you see it yourself.


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